In cool green and bluish tones, a path leads away through the bamboo forest in Arashiyama

Many Ways to Concentrate

East Asian Studies at Harvard is a flexible, interdisciplinary concentration that allows you to chart a unique path suited to your interests and goals.

Professor Ryuichi Abe, right, speaks to blond student seen from behind, left

Supportive Advising

Whether you're designing your plan of study, researching your thesis, or just need help on a paper, dedicated advisers are committed to helping you achieve your goals.


From close up, a hand practices calligraphy with a brush pen

Fascinating Courses

From small, specialized seminars to popular introductory lecture classes, you'll find our course offerings as rich and varied as East Asia itself.

An intricate pattern of wooden ceiling beams in the shape of a dharma wheel, seen from below, painted in blue green red and white

Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer and term-time sessions overseas can count towards your concentration requirements while broadening your academic and personal horizons.